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サヤーム SIAM

タイ古式マッサージ Thai Traditional Massage

Please note following points before you get a Thai traditonal massage.

1. For the safe therapy without any accidents we ask about your health conditions before massage. Please cooperate with us for your own safety.

If you have fever, heart disease, rheumatism, gout, fracture or injury with open wound , if you are pregnant, please refrain from getting Thai traditional massage.

If you have disc herniation, arthritis, hypertension or diabetes, please let us know that, because therapists have to be very careful.

2. If you are drunken, Thai traditional massage is not possible. Please have understanding.

3. If pressure is too strong during massageand it is painful even a little, please don't hesitate to say "ouch!" without patience. You might endure endurable pain, but this is not ideal for Thai traditional massage. It would be wrong to say " the more painful, the more effective". A painful massage cannot have effect. However optimal intensity depends on person and on body parts. Therefore therapists need to communicate with you to give optimal massage. Again, please don't hesitate to say "ouch". Thai traditional massage should be felt only good.