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サヤーム SIAM

タイ古式マッサージ Thai Traditional Massage

If you have been ever in Thailand and experinced Thai traditional massage, you know how fantastic it is. You feel so good that you become addictive to this massage. You feel good while you are massaged, the moreover after massage, you feel as if your body were lighter and you were now much younger.

On the other hand, those who have never experienced Thai massage often misunderstand it. They might think that Thai massage is painful or that Thai massage shops offer sexual service. One reason why Thai massage is not generally acknowledged especially in Japan yet is Japanese government still keep regulation to protect therapists of Japanese Shiatsu-massage. In Thailand therapists of Thai massage must learn at massage school and be licensed. However Japanese

government still doesn't acknowledge this official license in Thailand. When Japan and Thailand negotiated on removement regulations in 2004/05, the Thai government required Japan that Thai therapists can get visa to work as experts in Japan. However the Japanese government at that time bowed finally furious resistance of union of Japanese massage. We see the same structure when Japan set high tariff for agriculture products from foreign countries to protect Japanese farmers. User must give up foreign fruits even if they are delicious and find few occasion to enjoy Thai massage.

The founder of Thai massage is Shivaga, Buddhist monk in India 2500 years ago. He used massage beside herb treatment for medical care. After Buddhism was transmitted to Thailand, the massage developed in some Wats (monastery) . These Wats played the central role of Thai medicine until modern time. They were at the same time medical schools and hospitals. Thai massage is not only method of relaxation, but also method of health care with 2500 years tradition. It is healthy. Therefore you feel good.

In Thai massage of today Chinese Anma-massage and Japanses Shiatsu-massage are also integrated. While in case of Shiatsu for example therapists use their hands, therapists of Thai massage use their hands, elbows, arms, knees, feet. No wonder that various techniques which developed through 2500 years history make us feel good.

While Chinese massage stimulates many "points" of human body, "Tsubo", Thai massage activiates stream of life energy("Prana") called "Sen" (=line). If these Sen-lines stagnate, health gets disturbed. On an old medical book 72,000 

Sens are illustrated. Thai massage sellect 10 Sens among of them and therapists massage body along theseSen- lines. Because 6 among 10 Sen-lines run in legs, That massage starts with legs and places the weight on legs.

Of course, all these 72,000 or 10 Sen-energylines are connected with each other, stagnation in one line would disturb the health of the whole body. Therefore Thai massage activiates each Sen-line carefully to adjust balance of the whole body. To translate into general words, it improves circulation, adjust autonomic nerve and power up immunity. Good feeling during massage is accompanying phenomenon during the process towards health.